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Better UX for your startups

By Dr. Jacob Greenshpan

Learning practice guidance

Learning, Practice, and Guidance

After supporting over 300 startups worldwide, I can assure you that creating a winning UX for your startups is not a simple task. This is why my one-week program will come in handy. By the end of this program, each startup of your portfolio companies will have clear, focused, and operational solutions for addressing their UX challenges as well as having a basic UX roadmap. This program is divided into three focused stages—diagnosing each startup’s current UX stage, learning the essential UX design principles, and availing 1:1 guidance and support.


In order to solve a problem, you must, first, identify and analyze it. Although many startups make mistakes in their UX and the way they appear, the startups’ exact needs are unique. So the first part of the program starts with a quick diagnosis of your startup’s UX state, needs, and challenges. This will help me give you tailored content and training for each of your startups.

Practice: hands-on workshops

Following the diagnosis, your startups will attend two highly focused workshops. The first one is the “Startups’ Mistakes” workshop, in which they will get the tools to cope with their UX mistakes. This, in turn, will enable them to fix and improve their UX designs.

Designing loveable apps and services is critical to your startups’ success. In our second workshop - “Emotions in Design” - your startups will learn exactly how to add this magical touch to applications, which users enjoy and emotionally engage with. 

Get guidance & roadmap

This is the main mentoring stage. During this stage, I will accompany each of your startups for a week of mentoring sessions. By the end of this week, many UX challenges will be addressed, and a detailed roadmap and UX strategy for each startup will be created.

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The workshop

The workshops

These workshops are based on thousands of hours of experience garnered while helping and enabling over 300 startups. They are right to the point - focused on startups’ challenges and provide extensive hands - on knowledge, techniques, and tools. It is targeted toward product managers, designers, and CEOs involved in product decision. By the end of each workshop, each startup will have some immediate solution for its UX challenges added to the plenty of tools they will acquire to improve their UX in the future.

The Startups’ Mistakes workshop

I have realized - through my experience of working with 300 startups - that most, if not all, startups make the same UX and product design mistakes. So, in this workshop, I will shed light on these highly common mistakes and also provide hands-on practice and useful tools. This workshop will enable your startups to address challenges such as the following:

- Running usability testing in the right way

- Creating the right mental models for their products

- Designing better workflows

- Fixing their funnel and enhancing conversion

- … and much more​

The duration of this workshop is four hours, and it is conducted in teams. So all startups must attend this workshop in teams comprising between 2 and 5 members, which must include the product manager.

The Emotions in Design workshop

This workshop is all about creating a loveable and emotionally binding UX for your startups. As startups are typically focused on the functionality and usefulness of their products, the emotional side of the product gets less attention in most cases. Hence, the workshop will train your startup on emotions, how they influence users’ decisions and attachment to a product, and, most importantly, provide them with multiple tools to design and measure users’ experience. Some of the topics covered in this workshop are as follows:

- Measuring emotions while using products

- Implementing tools for analyzing current user experience and emotions

- Utilizing tools and techniques for emotion-based UX design

- Building an app that will enhance users’ trust

- Focusing on the cost of negative emotions and how to avoid them

- … and much more

The duration of this workshop is three hours, and it is conducted in teams. So all startups must attend this workshop in teams comprising between 2 and 5 members, which must include the product manager

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“Jacob has made significant impact on our UX by helping us frame problems and model new solutions, leading to innovative and effective designs”

Tomer (Tommy) Dikerman

Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, Comeet, NYC


Accompany and consulting

I will be happy to share my 20+ years of UX consultancy experience with you. If you like, I will be glad to help you undertake the following activities

- Analyze your existing product and improve its UX and design

- Accompany your product manager/UX-UI designer on an ongoing series of meetings

- Define the UX concept for your product

- Locate the main challenges in your funnel and help re-design it

- Run usability testing with you, in order to learn about the improvements

Over the years, I have helped many customers improve their UX design in face-to-face meetings, by providing extensive remote UX help and support and consulting via video meetings.

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Dr. Greenshpan played an instrumental role in the UX design of the innovative project management solution Proggio, which is now on the verge of disrupting Enterprise project and portfolio market."


Yaniv Sor, CEO, Proggio, Israel

About me
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About me

UX strategic design, lecturing around the world and innovation — these are what I do. I design creative user interface.

I have a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology and user interface design. Building innovative, top-of-the-line UX solutions and applications has been my passion for the last 20+ years. Before becoming an independent consultant, I cofounded two companies: UI Ltd. (which is the largest company in Israel for UX design) and Applied Cognitive Engineering, Ltd. (ACE) for cognitive training. I have had the honor of meeting over 300 startups around the world and helping them turn their dreams into reality.



Dr. Jacob Greenshapn

Tel: +972-544-674202

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