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Master the Art of


in UX Design 

Register for this workshop to design better UX and products, based on emotional considerations.

This workshop will teach you and your team:

The impact of emotions on your users.

The ways to consider emotional aspects in the design process.

Great design tools, hands-on work, and methods for better UX design, based on the user’s emotions.

Main topics covered in the workshop and training:

Picure of Jacob giving a talk
  • How to comprehend emotions and organize them in a useful manner for UX designers

  • What moral and ethical factors are involved in the process of integrating emotions in UX design

  • What background emotions are and how they impact onboarding

  • How to utilize user journey maps to create the right emotions and avoid the wrong ones

  • What connections between a user’s cognition, emotions, and decision-making that come into the picture while using apps and products should be considered

  • How positive and negative emotions interact within the same user, at the same time

  • How to model apps as human beings and their use as a UX design tool

  • How to measure emotions

  • …and much more


Course Materials

Full access to the workshop materials

Full access to the workshop materials

What are emotions?

What are emotions?

Positive and negative emotions: Are they opposites?

Positive and negative emotions: Are they opposites?

What's the right fit for you?

For organizations 2.png

If you have a team of designers or product managers, this package is just for you! It starts with a quick introduction to your product(s) and challenges. The workshop runs in your workplace either for one day or two half-days. Once you have the knowledge and some training, it is time to implement it with a few one-to-one team sessions about your products.

What you get:

  • A workshop designed around your company’s product

  • Follow-up implementation and practice meetings with your teams

  • Full access to workshop materials and work templates via this site

For smaller startups and companies - 1 learning meeting, 1 workshop, 4 implementation meetings

Small startups and teams don’t always need a dedicated workshop. To give your team a great and efficient learning experience, here’s the solution for you: Join two other startups, and learn together, sharing one full workshop. You will work with your product during the workshop and, of course, during the one-to-one sessions.

What you get:

  • Comprehensive content

  • Follow-up implementation and practice meetings with your startup

  • Small and controlled learning environment

  • Full access to workshop materials and work templates via this site

For public - one workshop. Join a public open workshop

Many people wish to master the art of integrating emotions in design. If you are a UX expert, a product designer, or a product manager and you want to get training that is meaningful, engrossing, and fun, this is the place for you. Join this workshop, meet other experts, and, above all, learn how to make better UX and product designs.

What you get:

  • Full content coverage

  • Opportunity to meet experts like you and learn together

  • Critical knowledge for your profession

  • Full access to workshop materials and work templates via this site

Simone Mimun
NICE Product Design Group Leader

Simone Mimun picture

An amazing experience with a very professional (and fun) mentor. The “emotion in design” workshop was great. The time passed so fast that all my team at the end just said: “we want more”.
From Jacob we really learned a new approach for our Profession. The workshop is for all the level of experience and is super recommended.


Jacob Greenshpan

Jacob's picture

UX strategic design, lecturing around the world and innovation — these are what I do.I have a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology and user interface design. Building innovative, top-of-the-line UX solutions and applications has been my passion for the last 20+ years. Before becoming an independent consultant, I cofounded two companies: UI Ltd. (which is the largest company in Israel for UX design) and Applied Cognitive Engineering, Ltd. (ACE) for cognitive training. I work as strategic UX consultant, and I have had the honor of meeting over 300 startups around the world and helping them turn their dreams into reality.

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